We should not forget about those people who fought against fascism by the Wollweber Gruppe (Group). A group of people of the International Brigades, seafarers, dockers and people of the ITF who fought together. They were people from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Many of them died a horrific dead in Plötzensee or KZ Sachsenhausen.

There are almost no traces that have been left about those who fought against fascism by the Belgian Wollweber Gruppe. But some traces, some places where they lived are still there.

Places that deserve a memorial, a stolperstein to honour their fight for our freedom.

Louis Schockaert, 11 Februari 1913 -Antwerpen 7 September 1943 Plötzensee, Kempischdok-Westkaai 32, Antwerpen

Gummarus Vercammen, 26 januari 1902 – , Napelsstraat 27, Antwerpen

Gerardus Rodrigus, 20 April 1898 Sint-Niklaas – 7 September 1943 Plötzensee, Tulpstraat 63, Antwerpen

August Lemmens, 28 Februari 1874 Antwerpen – 1942 , Dambruggestraat 75, Antwerpen

Frans Van Welde, 4 september 1898 Antwerpen – 9 februari 1945, Oranjestraat 134, Antwerpen

Alfons Fictels, 2 maart 1907 – 30 maart 1942 Gross Rozen, Sint Willibrordusstraat 61, Antwerpen

Van Arkel, Gasstraat 101, Antwerpen

Victor Broucke, Adriaan Brouwerstraat 29, Antwerpen

Waldemar Pötzsch 15 juli 1892 Bad Schmiedenberg 1944 Sachsenhausen, Godefriduskaai 10, ANtwerpen