The thoughts of a sailor

The Death Ship, Traven


Who enters here

Whose name and being is extinguished.

He’s gone.

There is not a breath from him

In the wide, wide world.

He can not go back,

Not going forwar,

There where he stands, he is banned.

He does not know God and no hell.

He is not day, he is not night.

He is the nothing, the never.

He is too big for infinity

And is too tiny for the sand-grains,

That has its goals in the world.

He is the never been and the never thought about! ”


“When I arrived, I had asked in rememberance for a normal boats:

,Where is the mattress for my bunk?’

,Will not be delivered here.’


‘Will not be delivered here.’


,Will not be delivered here.’

All I was wondering, was that the company was delivering the ship at all, we had to drive; and I would not have been astonished if I had been told that the ship must be brought by myself. ”


“The solid land is surrounded by an immeasurable wall,

a penitentiary for those who are inside,

a ship of death, or a foreign legion to those who are outside.

It is the only freedom, that a state, that wants and is to develop to the extreme of its meaning, can offer the individual man, who can not be numbered,

if he does not want to murder him with a cool gesture.

The state will still have to come to this cool gesture. ”


“There are many dead ships on the seven seas, because there are many dead.

There have never been so many dead people since the great war was won for true freedom and real democracy. Tyrants and despots were defeated, and the victor became the age of a greater tyranny, the age of the flag, the age of the state and its lackeys. “