Representatives of the international labour movement in the Spanish Civil War

From left to right:

1. François Billoux (France) member of the central committee of the Parti Communiste Francais, PCF (French Communist Party)

2. Friedrich Adler (Austria) secretary of the Labour and Socialist International

3. Pietro Nenni (Italy) Political commissar of the Garibaldi Battalion

4. Jules Dumont (France) Commander of the Commune de Paris Battalion

5. Julius Deutsch (Austria) General of the Republican troops (Coastal Defence)

6. Luigi Longo (General Gallo) (Italy) Inspector-General of the International Brigades

7. Walter Schevenels (Belgium) General Secretary of the International Federation of Trade Unions (Amsterdam International)

8. Franz Dahlem (Germany) Politburo member of the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, KPD (Communist Party of Germany) and (along with Longo) Comintern representative and member the International Brigade Political Commissariat leadership

9. Francois Renaud (France) Political commissar of the Commune de Paris Battalion

10. Officer from the People’s Army of the Republic (Spanish Republican Army)

11. Vincenzo Bianco (Krieger) (Italy) Chief of Staff of the XIV International Brigade


[1] François BillouxFrench Communist Party

[2]  Friedrich AdlerLabour and Socialist International

[3] Pietro NenniGaribaldi Battalion

[4] Jules DumontCommune de Paris Battalion

[5] Julius Deutsch

[6] Luigi Longo

[7] Amsterdam International (International Federation of Trade Unions)

[8] Franz Dahlem, Communist Party of GermanyComintern

[10] The People’s Army of the Republic (Spanish Republican Army)