Spanish Civil War and the Seafarers and Dockers



The Stones of History

Memorial stones in Europe Around the world, you’ll find the so-called ‘stolpersteine’ (German for ‘stumbling stones’). They are actually brass memorial plaques which have been placed to remind us about the horrors and victims of Holocaust. The ‘stones’ are usually… Continue Reading →

German antifascists send a greeting

A greeting from the German antifascists 9 May 1945-2019 SPASIBO! RED ARMY & SOVIET UNION You will be forever in our hearts. Antifascists from Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig  

Harry Hynes and (Joe) Louis Joseph Bianca

Maritime Workers, Union Organisers and Brigadistas Harry Hynes and Joe Bianca were among the American maritime workers who joined the International Brigades  – 250 from the New York waterfront alone and hundreds more from other poor waterfront cities. Both were… Continue Reading →

Notes on the history of “The Internationale”

Pierre Chrétier Degeyter and the workers’ choir “La Lyre des Travailleurs” (‘The Workers’ Lyre’) Pierre Chrétier Degeyter was born 8 October 1848 in Gent, Belgium. Around the age of ten, after the family had relocated to France, he started working… Continue Reading →

Cross-border Antifascism 1933-1945

Rien Dijkstra – secretary of the Dutch International Brigade memorial trust, Stichting Spanje 1936-1939 and, in coorporation with the Danish sister organisation Foreningen Venner af De Internatio-nale Brigader, initiator of the website – died 2. August 2018. Rien has… Continue Reading →

The Spanish Monument – from idea to reality – 1946-1986

The monument to the Danish volunteers who fell in the Spanish civil war, located in Churchill Park on the Esplanade in Copenhagen, has a chequered past. Chequered, in the sense that the will to raise the monument was ever present,… Continue Reading →

“The Address” – An everyday story from Madrid by Ruth Berlau

I guess that he is ten, maybe twelve years old. The boy at the post office in Madrid, packet under his arm. He has a pale and narrow face and big, big eyes. He has been standing in the exact… Continue Reading →

Paulina Abramson and Adelina Kondratjeva – two sisters, one struggle

Paulina Abramson (married Mamsurova), 1915-2000 Paulina Abramson was born in 1915 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Russian emigrant parents. Their father being a communist, Paulina and her younger sister Adelina grew up in a pronounced political environment. In 1930, the… Continue Reading →

The unveiling of the monument ‘Blockade-Runners to Spain’

Photo reportage of the unveiling of the monument ‘Blockade-Runners to Spain’ in Glasgow, 2. March 2019 By Allan Christiansen From hotel Alexander Thomson to the party’s offices at Waterloo Street, then to the monument ‘La Pasionaria’ by the river Clyde and… Continue Reading →

Wolfgang (‘Wolf’) Hoffmann

Wolfgang Hoffmann – an anti-fascist sailor from Vienna (Born 25. May 1912 in Vienna, died in March 11. 1942 in Camp of Gross Rosen) Towards new horizons Wolfgang Hoffmann was the seventeen-year-old son of a well-to-do Viennese lawyer. Sometime during… Continue Reading →

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