Spanish Civil War and the Seafarers and Dockers



Edgar André – A Brief Biography

| SPANISHSKY.DK 30 APRIL 2021 | Better to die on your feet than live on your knees  All fights give birth to heroes — brave men and women who risk their lives for the common good. Persons from whom we… Continue Reading →

The Danish-German Resistance during World War 2

| SPANISHSKY.DK 31 MAY 2020 | Text excerpt about the Danish-German resistance in World War II from a series of articles about the resistance fight of the Wasserkante (Waterside, Northern Germany) from the Hamburger Volkszeitung, July to October 1947, Ernst-Thälmann-Memorial… Continue Reading →

The Stones of History

|SPANISHSKY.DK 17 MAY 2019 | Around the world, you’ll find the so-called ‘stolpersteine’ (German for ‘stumbling stones’). They are actually brass memorial plaques which have been placed to remind us about the horrors and victims of Holocaust. The ‘stones’ are… Continue Reading →

Cross-Border Antifascism 1933-1945

| SPANISHSKY.DK 3 APRIL 2019 | Rien Dijkstra – secretary of the Dutch International Brigade memorial trust, Stichting Spanje 1936-1939 and, in coorporation with the Danish sister organisation Foreningen Venner af De Internationale Brigader, initiator of the website –… Continue Reading →

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