Spanish Civil War and the Seafarers and Dockers


Friends of the XI International Brigade

Ernst Thälmann – 135th Birthday

| SPANISHSKY.DK 13 MAY 2021 | On the 135 Birthday of Ernst Thälmann, 16 April 2021 On the occasion of his 135th birthday, we would like to introduce you to Ernst Thälmann, German politician and leader of the Communist Party… Continue Reading →

Edgar André – A Brief Biography

| SPANISHSKY.DK 30 APRIL 2021 | Better to die on your feet than live on your knees  All fights give birth to heroes — brave men and women who risk their lives for the common good. Persons from whom we… Continue Reading →

Honouring Hamburg Resistance Fighters

| SPANISHSKY.DK 5 FEBRUARY 2021 | Memorial celebration on 30. Januar 2021   By Friends of the XI International Brigade Every year on 30 January, the Ernst Thälmann Memorial holds a public memorial event in honour of the Hamburg resistance fighters,… Continue Reading →

The Danish-German Resistance during World War 2

| SPANISHSKY.DK 31 MAY 2020 | Text excerpt about the Danish-German resistance in World War II from a series of articles about the resistance fight of the Wasserkante (Waterside, Northern Germany) from the Hamburger Volkszeitung, July to October 1947, Ernst-Thälmann-Memorial… Continue Reading →

German Antifascists Send a Greeting

|SPANISHSKY.DK 11 MAY 2019 | A greeting from the German antifascists 9 May 1945-2019 SPASIBO! RED ARMY & SOVIET UNION You will be forever in our hearts. Antifascists from Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig  

Soviet Support for the Spanish Republic

| SPANISHSKY.DK 20 JUNE 2017 | Lecture on Soviet support for the Spanish Republic, delivered as part of the 5th Anti-fascist Harbour Day ‘Wolf Hoffmann’ in Hamburg 29 May 2015 By Friends of the XI International Brigade/Revision and translation editing… Continue Reading →

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