Spanish Civil War and the Seafarers and Dockers



The Dutch Wollweber Process Documents

| SPANISHSKY.DK 23 JULY 2017 | Dutch members of the Wollweber Group were brought to the infamous Plötzensee Prison in Berlin. Most of them where also executed in Plötzensee. Here you can read some of the Dutch Wollweber Process documents.

Joop Schaap

| SPANISHSKY.DK 23 JULY 2017 | Joop Schaap was one of the leaders of the Dutch Wollweber Group. He was murdered on 7 September 1943 by the Nazis. Two of his friends, Wim Zwart and Evert Hoedemaker, share some of their… Continue Reading →

Leendert Seegers Jr.

| SPANISHSKY.DK 23 JULY 2017 | Leendert Seegers Jr. was one of the members of the Dutch Wollweber Group. He died in Majdanek concentration camp as a result of having been used as a guinea pig for Nazi tuberculosis research…. Continue Reading →

Belgian Members of the Wollweber Group – the Last Traces

| SPANISHSKY.DK 20 JULY 2017 | Wollweber Group We must not forget the members of the Wollweber Gruppe (‘Wollweber Group´) who fought together against fascism. They were brigadists, seafarers, dockers and members of the ITF from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark,… Continue Reading →

Ernst Wollweber and the Wollweber Group

| SPANISHSKY.DK 17 JULY 1917 | Documents on Ernst Wollweber and members of the Wollweber Group   In 1931, German communist politician, Ernst Friedrich Wollweber (29 October 1898 – 3 May 1967) was elected to the leadership of the International… Continue Reading →

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