Spanish Civil War and the Seafarers and Dockers


Maria Busch

‘Til Ungdommen’

| SPANISHSKY.DK 23. SEPTEMBER 2020 | Digtet ’Til Ungdommen’ – måske bedre kendt under titlen ‘Kringsat af fjender’, er skrevet af den norske forfatter og journalist Nordahl Grieg i 1936. Digtet blev oprindeligt skrevet til unge studerende, men har siden… Continue Reading →

John Heartfield – The Photomontage Magician

| SPANISHSKY.DK 21 MAY 2020 | John Heartfield was a highly productive artist, especially in his young adult life. He is perhaps best known for his 240 photomontages, but he was also an accomplished scenographer and editor and the co-founder… Continue Reading →

Friedrich ”Fritz” Schuhmann

| SPANISHSKY.DK 4 MAY 2020 |   Wir versprechen, ihre Erinnerung zu ehren Deine Treue und Deinen Mut indem sie zum Sieg führt, die Sache, für die Du Dein Blut geopfert We promise to honour your memory your faithfulness and… Continue Reading →

Alfred Runge Erichsen – A Dramatic Voyage from Valencia to Barcelona

| SPANISHSKY.DK 31 MARCH | This is the story about and by Alfred Runge Erichsen, a Danish sailor who experienced two world wars and a civil war: during the First World War, he worked as a ship’s boy on vessels… Continue Reading →

Bernhard Kristian Larsen – When the Italians Took a Pretty Good Beating at Guadalajara

| SPANISHSKY.DK 11 MARCH 2020 | 16 April 1937, Bernhard Larsen sent a letter to Arbejderbladet (‘The Worker’s Paper’) in which he writes about life as a soldier in the Thälmann Battalion during the Battle of Jarama and later at… Continue Reading →

Erich ‘Vatti’ Hoffmann – spaniensfrivillig og Auschwitzfange

| SPANISHSKY.DK 13. FEBRUAR 2020 | Erich Hoffmann var en tysk kommunistisk arbejder fra Hamburg, der dedikerede sit liv til kampen mod fascismen. Som en del af den kamp var han med til at redde næsten 200 ungarske børn fra… Continue Reading →

Erich ‘Vatti’ Hoffmann – Brigadist and Auschwitz Prisoner

| SPANISHSKY.DK 10. FEBRUARY 2020 | Erich Hoffmann was a German communist worker from Hamburg who dedicated his life to the fight against fascism. As part of this fight, he helped save close to 200 Hungarian children in Auschwitz and… Continue Reading →

Nine Danes in the Francoist Concentration Camp San Pedro de Cardeña

| SPANISHSKY.DK 9. FEBRUARY 2020 |     Nine Danish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, captured by the fascists, were incarcerated in San Pedro de Cardeña concentration camp in the province of Burgos. This is the story of their release… Continue Reading →

Axel Andersen and Viggo Lindenbaum

| SPANISHSKY.DK 4 FEBRUARY 2020 | Axel Sigurd Holger Andersen and Viggo Alexander Lindenbaum were both members of the Danmarks Kommunistiske Ungdom (DKU) (the Communist Youth of Denmark). Within the space of a few months, they both left for Spain… Continue Reading →

Johan Ingvar (and Eggert and Harry) Annfeldt

| SPANISHSKY.DK 27 JANUARY 2020 | Johan Ingvar, Eggert and Harry Annfeldt were three Danish brothers who fought in the Spanish Civil War. Eggert and Harry never returned home   By Allan Christiansen/Translation (from Danish) by Maria Busch Johan Ingvar… Continue Reading →

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